Thursday, February 15, 2007

blog identity crisis

Today I read tips on how to get people to read your blog. This was mistake number one.

Mistake number two was taking seriously the advice that I should stick to a single focus.

It seems like everyone who has a blog suffers from a minor identity crisis at first, writing on a scattershot set of things that as a cohesive whole make no real sense.

Truth is, I think I would much rather remain identityless. I'd prefer a reader should walk away without much of a greater idea of what kind of human I happen to be, should this mythical reader ever exist.

In the long run I prefer bookkeeping to journalism.

return of snow day

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My honeymoon with Snow ended abruptly when my mother in law Ice came to town.

The scene: 8:20 AM, Valentines Day, trudging through 4 inches on the ground x 3/4 of a mile trod x the width of my body ≈ a cubic crapload of ice covering every damn thing I could see. Few, if any of the streets were plowed and the absence of my Maryland associates is unsurprising. It had snowed about an inch and a half during the evening before but immediately followed that with about 3 inches of sleet and freezing rain. This sat on the ground for about a day, got kicked around and plowed and generally unsettled, until the night brought the mercury way down and solidified everything into a nice sheet that I could hardly dent even when I jumped up and down on it. My front lawn is currently a skating rink, as you can see above and below.

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The boots I scoffed at when I was 13 and went on my sole ski trip in were suddenly my sloshy savior. I think they were bought a little large for me on purpose and were unbelievably uncomfortable then, but so was everything when you're a boy from Miami who's been plopped on the side of a snowy mountain for 4 days. Today, they fit perfectly and I trod through the puddles of slorshy muck without fear. Well, until I realized that the danger of splashing dirt onto my dress pants was very real and I should tuck them in and cool it a little. I can also walk across the frozen sheets without fear of falling, which is downright amazing.

I refused to put the boots back on when I went to lunch once this week and spent the whole trip sloshing through dirty puddles and nearly busting my ass in dress shoes. The people working at my little indian place were obviously bored with the dearth of customers and sitting at a table together. They pointedly looked at my shoes as I clumsily glided through the door before giving me a small cup of soup that tasted like the deity Agni was tossing curry down my throat. Perfect for a sick guy on a winter day.

All things considered, I kind of like the cold. Getting home is an adventure. Tonight I wandered around the frozen soccer field near my house and kicked chunks of ice into the net.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

snow day #2

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Even if I live in the north from today until the day I die, I probably will never resist the urge to mess around with the snow. I found myself making snowballs and chucking them at streetlights several times today. Note that to passerby, a man in a suit making snowballs must be an awfully odd sight.

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The same goes for watching a man in a suit make a tiny snowman on the tables in front of a coffee shop in Arlington. An older man who was moving his bicycle looked at me funny, but old men with huge helmets riding bicycles while wearing 14 layers on their upper bodies and nothing but thermal underwear on their legs really have no right to take anything very seriously.

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Normally I kind of dislike the huge black tomcat that regularly pees on my front stoop, but I imagine last night wasn't too pleasant for him.

p.s. one more picture from last night:
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