Monday, December 03, 2007

Party idea: Iron Bartender

My brother and I just got back from moving a truckload of stuff from NYC to Miami. Of the many odd conversations we had, we discussed throwing a party around something we like to call Iron Bartender.

Basically: Iron Chef with booze. You get 10 minutes and have to make 2 drinks with "surprise" ingredients that have nothing to do with cocktails and may not even be liquid.

I've seen examples of other people doing this, but with 2 liquors drawn out of a hat and at bars as opposed to in my backyard. I think that's weak, and I propose the following as good surprise ingredients:
- Egg whites
- Jupina/ironbeer/something hispanic
- Carrot juice
- Red onion
- Coconut milk (solid canned kind)
- Melted ice cream
- Nik-l-lips
- Powdered Gatorade
- Powdered kool aid
- International foods fancy Instant coffee
- esoteric stout beer

Judging would be done by a revolving panel. Asian man biting into a yellow pepper optional.

The main problem with this party is expense, as:
1. You'd need to have a fully stocked bar, which is to say an example from each alcohol group, mixers, and the esoteric stuff no one ever buys unless they have a specific drink in mind (like bitters, rimming salt, maraschinos, etc.)
2. Failures would be an undrinkable mess.

I think it'd be worth it in the end. Kira has suggested having guests bring the alcohol, which I think would work if you covered the cost of handles of the basics (rum, gin, vodka, whiskey) and had guests bring what else they could afford.



Blogger Kira said...

this is why you need a "bar stocking party" which is much like a house warming party/welcome back to miami party. you have everyone bring a full bottle of liquor and/or mixer. even with having a party that night, you likely won't drink full bottles of everything, so you pretty much end up with a fully stocked bar.

1:52 PM  
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