Saturday, November 03, 2007


Well I keep meaning to make a better build video/description for this, but suffice to say it's hard when you're moving over a thousand miles away in less than a week.

This is my Halloween costume. It's basically an Arduino microcontroller powered by a 9v battery and running a modified version of the code included in the Knock Tutorial on the website. 12 LEDs are connected in parallel to one output on the Arduino, and are triggered every time I speak into the piezo disk. The piezo is mounted on a sponge to ensure that bonking the helmet won't trigger it, only my voice.

Things I would have done had I had more time:
- Wired the eyes to flicker also when I spoke (currently they are powered independently by another 9v battery)
- Twisted the wiring and shortened the leads on the LED's so I wouldn't be talking sideways into the piezo
- Made a voicechanger, rather than using one bought from a big-box chain store

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It scared the bejeezus out of every kid coming to our door. Mission accomplished.

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Blogger about us said...

couldn't understand what you said in the video but i absolutely love the helmet. i particularly appreciate that your main goal was to scare the children...really awesome stuff.
oh, and i can pretty much assure you -without even remotely knowing you- that you are one of the crazies out there. period. and that, i appreciate more than anything!

6:53 PM  
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