Friday, May 11, 2007

Random Friday Craigslist rant

Craigslist is evidence both of the downfall of western civilization and those maddening bits of sanity you see in the eye of a storm.

Try to find a reasonably priced used bike on Craigslist. You will find posts containing:
- Incomplete sentences and absolutely no description other than brand and price
- People trying to pawn off bikes they bought 4 years ago from K-Mart for 20$ cheaper (or the same price) as a new one would cost today
- People selling expensive, obtuse parts

In other words, they’re selling to:
- Nobody
- Fools
- Rabid enthusiasts

Where does the normal person fit in? Well, we don’t really. We’re expected to go and spend 500$ on something that will probably live in our garage 90% of the time or else deal with the craziness above.

I need a hybrid of some sort. I don’t see any point in paying 500$ for a bike as I’m not sure I’ll ride it enough to be worth it. In theory, I could buy a used bike and then sell it at a loss later on if I decide I want to upgrade. This is how I approach all my major purchases, basically trying to find a way to treat it as a rental until such time as I can devote myself to it. This is why I tend not to buy things I can’t easily offload on ebay or craigslist (cars and televisions come to mind). My most recent major purchase I bought used online and will likely one day sell online, if and when I ever sell it.

The solution for the insanity of Craigslist is to post a wanted ad and hope sane people find you, and furthermore that you don’t come off as a total jerk via your obtuse demands. I did that today for a bike, and so far I’ve gotten one response for a 15 year old bike with an attachment of a picture of the modern model. So far, this isn’t looking promising.

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