Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miami Expatriate: google maps "street view"

(image co-opted from Gothamist)

Google maps has unveiled "street view" in a few select cities. It doesn't seem to be that big a piece of news, as I can't even find the story that originally lead me to try it out and it's not even mentioned on Google's official blog (at least not yet).

Whatever story I originally read, I didn't bother to gleam too many details. It seems a simple enough concept: just stick a bunch of cameras on a car, drive it around, and take pictures at set intervals. Stitch them all together and presto: instant virtual metropolis.

I used this as an opportunity to take in some glimpses of home. I read a months worth of posts in Transit Miami earlier today and found myself missing the way the sun beats down in SoFla (and, oddly enough, missing Burdines).

Random observations:
First, most of the pictures look like they were driving the truck too fast. The trees at my beloved Merrie Christmas park look rather blurred. Generally all the photos are undersaturated and have a low-fi, Holga-esque feel about them. (I'm not 100% undersaturated is a photographic term, but it fits the bill)

Looking into Miami International Airport from Le Jeune yields ... nothing but a view of how dismal driving on Le Jeune is now. Fascinating. Bet the Feds are happy about that. [edit: for reasons I can't explain, I can't get this link to work. I believe the link might be too long.]

Apparently the camera truck passed through my neighborhood on a Wednesday, as my dad's house has the landscaper's truck in the driveway (no I am not hotlinking that).

Finally, the pictures go pretty far down into Homestead. The last photo on Dixie is of a Shell station (I guess they stopped for gas and turned back?)

In short: good for a tour or possibly a stalk, but not sure what else.

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That is crazy! Do my house!

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