Friday, May 25, 2007

memorial day weekend tomfoolery

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This is my Arduino board, set up for the LED Dimming tutorial. The board has 15 digital pins that can be used for input or output and 5 analog pins for input. Those, combined with analog multiplexers, shift registers, and an LED driver to drive additional lights gives me a lot of options.

A week ago I had no idea what the above were. I'm getting a better idea by the day, and even better, by tomorrow should have a decent book. Pretty soon I should have a good idea of how to go approach this.

For right now though, the right flipper on the OXO is stuck. Not stuck physically, but the electromagnet inside is borked and whenever you start a new game it'll seize up and the solenoid that's supposed to kick the ball in front of the plunger chokes. I'm going to go through all the steps at pinrepair and see if I can't get it to fire right. I'm a little nervous about having to replace a coil, not because it'll be difficult, but that I'll need to order something and it'll be a week before I manage to get the part. I'd be frustrated if I had this long three day weekend but no actual parts with which to do any work.

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