Tuesday, May 01, 2007

pinball, weddings, and springtime

Like an old friend who you just don't want to admit you've drifted away from, such is my listless companion the internet. Not having DSL for a month meant that the only time I spent online was at work, which of course meant very limited surfing and little personal email.

It’s been such an eventful ... well, fill in the blank.
Literally every time I started to write the above sentence I have had to either stop and put it off or got so overwhelmed I quit before I began. Lately more the former stopping than the latter quitting: this morning for an emergency meeting, earlier this morning for mailing rent, last night for sleeping, the day before for wanting a clearer head, the week before for lacking internet and time, the week and a half before for general business and birthdays, two weeks before for wedding number two, three weeks before for moving, four weeks before for wedding number one, two months before for really just not having much to say except for it being cold and me being bored.

(To put this even more into context, I wrote the prior paragraph yesterday intending to upload it last night. I ran out of time both last night and this morning.)

As I said, there's almost too much to recount. This growing up holding down a real job stuff means days seem to blur together a little bit. Unfortunately, the camera hasn’t traveled with me as much as it used to, so I don’t have photos to jog the memory.

Here’s what I do have:

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Wedding #2: Jessica Deller and Justin Davis. I was a bridesman … attendant, whatever. I got Jessica on the Today Show, which I guess is worth something. I don’t even know who hosts the Today Show anymore. In short: a ridiculous, exhausting weekend. I think I’m accidentally wearing the groom’s boutonnière in the above photo.

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Of course, Rachel caught the bouquet.

2.What happens when you have a generous tax refund and a somewhat unexciting birthday?
Wish fulfillment, that’s what!
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It's a 1973 Williams OXO. I cannot put into words how awesome this thing is. For now, the movie at the end of this post will have to suffice.

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Donny seems to like it too, except when it’s turned on and making a racket.
My new hobby will get its own post in the future.

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Rae and I went to our first real show in D.C. on Saturday, the Dismemberment Plan reunion show. All proceeds benefited J. Robbins’ son Callum. The show sold out in under 4 minutes, after which they added another show the night before, which in turn sold out in about the same amount of time. While Friday's show apparently featured wackier antics (i.e. something involving an erotic cake), according to reports the vibe and enthusiasm of the Saturday show was far better. The crowd rushed the stage during The Ice of Boston, as you can see above. Amazing, amazing show.

In other news, I’ve been writing a whole lot. Being busy has actually increased my total output but unfortunately taken away the time that would be necessary to condense and proof. I have a huge glut of writing that spans from my last month in Tallahassee through Christmas and finally to my birthday just a few weeks ago. I'm finally paring it down now and will have it uploaded to the usual channels.

In terms of projects, Rachel and I are currently decorating my new apartment with the following goals in mind:
- Super cheap
- Somewhat modern/funky
- Matches my pinball machine

Due to my likely not staying in the place past the end of the year, painting, buying new furniture, and spending any serious dough are all pretty much out of the question.

Will we succeed? Will John have an apartment worth going into? Will anyone ever bother going to see it? Time will tell!

Bonus! Movie!

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Blogger pinklefish said...

Coooool! Stock cube themed pinball game!!


Sorry to hear it's all a bit much for you, I'm sure things will even out and be less hectic soon. I am in a similar position. Stresssssss!

P.S. - clue to what I'm on about: http://www.oxo.co.uk/

5:41 PM  
Blogger krylonultraflat said...

RE: pinklefish

I know, right? I think "appropriating" art from other places is kind of a proud pinball tradition, especially if said other places are across the pond and can't fight back!

10:03 PM  
Blogger pinklefish said...

Ooh don't bet on it. They'll set the Oxo Mum on you.

5:52 PM  

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