Monday, January 15, 2007


Nerve is hiring bloggers. I'm not sure if they're paid or not, and thus I'm not sure if "hiring" is the right word to be using, but either way I'm pondering what it'd be like to be selected for a position like that. What the hell qualifies you to blog? If you're so embroiled in the middle of something (an industry, a scene, a political office) that entitles you to the information necessary to craft an interesting piece of writing on a near day to day basis, how would you find the time or the drive to write it down voluntarily? Or do so without violating an NDA? This is even odder given Nerve's subject matter.

I can't claim to be an elitist who disdains bloggers and their output. I read at least 10 work-related blogs daily, and I would probably be hopelessly lost without them. I also read several local blogs both in D.C. and in Miami, trying to grow an attachment to the former and not grow too far away from the latter.

After a while it feels like who you know (and for that matter who knows you) is more important than what you do. Your little position in a sphere of connections is more important than your content and being linked is more important than being incisive. The end result is a lot of people clawing for the most or the biggest mentions. The fact that I'm not terribly great at networking has kept me from wanting to start publishing anything online.

Anyway, I guess this is me saying "this is becoming a normal blog." Normal in this context usually means "I will post three times and never again. Here is a picture of my cat doing something stupid." I hope to avoid that. Whether people will ever read this, I haven't a clue. Either way, here it is, complete with cliché "what is a blog?" meta-entry as a starter.

Suggested topics include:
- All the drawings I've been doing lately
- Musing on the Suburban/Metropolitian/Working 9 to 5 state of a recent graduate
- Photographs, in the event I ever start taking them again
- More crap I've made (upcoming: refinishing my laptop, hopefully more high speed photos, another DS case)

Banned topics include:
- Whining
- Asking you to check out my Amazon Wish List
- Politics (hopefully)
- Ever using the word "Blogosphere" or for that matter blogs as a topic generally again

By the way: was "Meta" ever someone's word of the year? Hasn't it since been added to someone's banned words of the year? Can we be a bit more proactive on rectifying this situation, k thnx.


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