Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the tally of broken electronics:

3 months ago, one of the two hinges that held the screen on my laptop broke and the PC card slot stopped working, banning me from both my external hard drive and ipod while also making my computer a seemingly more fragile thing. I have been waiting for it to finally die with baited breath, but in the meantime:

- My cat intentionally knocked a 700$ nikon camera off the dresser, causing the jog wheel that you use to change settings to break and render the camera a very large point and shoot. Cost to repair: 150$
- My 300$ canon SD10 had the lens freeze open, causing all pictures to be overexposed into pure white. It will, however, still take movies.
- The top screen of my 130$ DS lite, which had never worked properly since the day I bought it, finally decided to die. The kid on the phone stated that this could only be due to to impact and was not covered under Nintendo's "best game manufacturer warranty in America." Out another 60$.

All that's left now are my ipod and computer, the former of which has a nagging problem of refusing to turn off, and the latter now also has a fan that is about to die and makes grinding noises that are becoming more and more frequent.

If I had been smart, I would not have paid a cent of the above and taken the obvious clue that it's time I became a luddite.