Monday, December 11, 2006

comments ahoy!

I never really got around to responding to any comments that I received when I posted the DS lite case tutorial. This wasn't because the output of support and interest wasn't awesome, but more the fact that I know personally that when I stumble across a specific entry on a blog and then go on my merry little way, the chances of me catching an update are slim. I think that's a sad excuse for not trying.

Anyway, the comments boiled down to these:
that's awesome! look at mine!
I did! I looked at every one linked and wound up feeling odd that I'd gotten any attention for something so boring!

I still like using fabric that's a) lying around b) thin enough to fold up but c) thick enough to take a beating.

Actually, my DS has just spent the past month and a half sitting in my apartment broken. Due to a comedy of errors with nintendo, it's taken a while to get it fixed. Now that I've finally gotten it back I was thinking of making another one, seeing as how I have something lying around that I want to use for fabric and an urge to make a sleeve for my ipod as well.

Specifically: I wanted to cut up my grandfather's old suede jacket. I've never really worn it, it doesn't fit all that well, and it's stained and marbly. I have a bunch of his other clothes (specifically shirts), so I wouldn't feel too bad about cutting it up, and in fact I think it'd make me happy if I put it to good use somehow. I was thinking of lining it with more denim, or perhaps with some felt or something softer this time. I thought I'd also go ahead and make it shorter, as I rarely carry earbeads with me and the second pocket is superfluous. Furthermore any reduction in amount of material brings it that much closer to actually being able to fit in a jean pocket.

Anyway, this is a fantasy for when I have time. This and programming Arduino for use in my high speed photography stuff will likely remain a pipe dream until I can rediscover the concept of "free time."


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