Monday, May 08, 2006

first of what is likely to be many series of exploding chocolate rabbits

click any of the below for a zoomed image of the explosion

- i need stronger firecrackers. these are designed for noise not for force and require large openings to put in, as seen here:

The fuse is also in the middle, which makes this a huge pain in the ass.
The firecrackers I used before were small and didn't require large holes. They also were REALLY LOUD. I'm driving through South Carolina in the coming weeks and will see what I can do in terms of getting bigger firecrackers.
- despite this, someone called the cops on us setting off fireworks. they didn't arrive until half an hour after we had already gone inside, and they never talked to us or anything, but I can only assume they were wandering around my complex because of us. i suppose it was a sunday, but come on: i live on a street with 6 frat houses. if you aren't used to dumb shit happening by now at any hour of the night, move.
- yes, some of the bunnies came in ice cream cones. why? well, why the hell not?
- i forgot to adjust the F of the camera and as such all were taken at F5.6, which means the last couple got knocked out of focus.
- I'm not sure if the nikon D50 has wonky autofocus or if its just the lens I have on it.
- i'm also considering giving them little suicide bomber headbands in some completely and totally tasteless attempt at turning this into an art project. on the one hand, juxtaposing superfluous candy images of pagan symbols of the most sacred christian holiday with self appointed muslim martyrs seems like an interesting comment on self absorbed western christian ideals. on the other hand, it feels like every other piece of art out there: trying way too hard to be witty the but in the end just being tacky and intentionally insulting so as to try to create some kind of controversy and dialogue. See the works of Andres Serrano
At the same time, I have chocolate NASCAR cars, and how ridiculous would it be to turn them into little car bombs?
- coincidentally, those NASCAR cars were hellzaexpensive compared to the other chocolate things, i guess because it cost a lot to license the car likenesses.
- speaking of Andres Serrano, I once had a professor who met him and asked him about his photographic techniques. it turns out the fucker has no idea how to operate a camera, develop film, or enlarge his own photographs. i don't think I will ever consider anything I ever pursue, be it random odd photographs, paper cut outs, or writing, as art for the simple reason that people like Andres Serrano consider themselves artists, and I want to have as little in common with them as possible. In the end I make shit for the sake of making shit. The product is insignifigant to the process.
- there will be a lot more where this came from
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I envy your gobs of free time.

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