Friday, February 24, 2006

attempt 3!

I feel like I could do this a hundred thousand times and never feel I'd gotten it quite right. This is a good thing.


- This time on "odd photo experiments with john," we're throwing stuff into a bucket of water. The trigger would usually go off a) when the stuff accidentally hit the side of the bucket as i threw it in the dark b) when the stuff slammed the bottom of the bucket after making a big splash c) immediately upon touching the water.
- I went ahead and ordered another kit with a delay.
- ISO 800 is a no-no. Too much noise to be worth cropping.
- I cut out the internal light meter on my Vivitar 2600 and soldered the leads together, creating a short and shortening the flash. How does this work? danged if I know. Shorting the thyristor on the other flash worked, and it also worked here. It actually worked a little TOO well as now the flash is super short and weak. This is unfortunate as I don't want to get the flash too close and soak my gear.
- Ok I KIND OF know why it worked. The light meter was a piece of glass covering a photoresistor. My confusion stems from not having enough experience with the flash before cutting it up to know whether it flashed longer the more light hit it or shorter (i would guess longer, as I've removed ALL resistance and it flashes a very short time now)
- I didn't have a trigger for the 2600 and thus any double exposed below were a single flash with the sound triggered 283 (with a red filter) then a manual flash by the 2600 (no filter). Sometimes this came out right, oftentimes not.
- yeah that's a 7 inch i'm throwing. I picked one I knew I'd never listen to. Sorry The Hex, I'm not the only one who thinks that single sucks horribly (i got it on sale for 99 cents, realized it stunk, and later found a copy in the music directors closet of my old college radio station with a review that said "as hard as it is to believe Troubleman Records but out a bad release, this is shit.")
- a telephoto lens would be good. i should see if i can find a non-AF cheap telephoto lens that'll fit my camera on ebay.
- i think i'm going back to ice tomorrow. my bathroom is cramped.


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