Friday, July 22, 2005

notes, warnings, updates

A word of caution about the shuffle case: the adhesive from duct tape tends to get everywhere, and it's worth noting that the left channel output on my shuffle started getting crackly last week. I dabbed a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and, after squeezing as much excess alcohol from the tip as possible, daubed it into the minijack port. This fixed all my problems, but suffice to say I've retired the case I was using until I can make a less trashed one that I will likely hit with some dullcote to bind the adhesive.

Dog days of summer + family traumas (the word "tragedy" sounds so awful) + work - free time = not much worth reporting here.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

i thought summers were supposed to be lazy

So summer has been much more busy than I could ever have imagined and haven't had a chance to sit down and work on much of anything, much less answering the comments people left in the comments for the shuffle sleeve. I actually didn't think I was going to get blogged anywhere and it was kind of a nice surprise.

Answering the most common questions posted in my comments:

can I have a PDF of the design?
Sure! Right here. Sorry it took so long to get up! I made the PDF via photoshop so if issues pop up with downloading it or opening it let me know.

would this work with a normal ipod or an ipod mini?
See, I've thought about this, and the problem is cutting a circle out in the middle for the scroll wheel. As you can just press (and see) through the case on the shuffle, it isn't an issue. The fact that you have to cut the circle for it, which potentially can have the sticky edges that is the bane of making anything out of duct tape, makes me kind of wary of doing a project. Also as I don't presently have a mini or a regular ipod, I can't make a stencil for it. I've seen duct tape ipod cases elsewhere on the web, and generally they seem kind of crappy. Not that this thing is a work of art or anything.

why not a plastic bag/condom/something that didn't take time and effort?
Note title of blog.

In other news, my W on my tibook has popped off seemingly permanently and is driving me nuts. Likely the next project is salvaging a key for it someplace.