Wednesday, March 09, 2005



Generally I don't like spending money on my projects/wastes of time. I sit in my apartment and drool over home electronics projects or general geeky things I find on the internet and realize that I'd have to spend 50$ in materials and tools just to get started on it. For something I'll use likely twice, this doesn't appeal to me. What especially doesn't appeal to me about such a project is the fact that I won't be making anything new or appealing to anyone else. I'd rather make something new from scratch and figure out the ins and outs than follow someone else's instructions to reteach me something that, while totally new to me, is common to others (again, using skills I'll likely only use twice). Granted I'd like to someday work on the stuff I find, like make my own computer from scratch or solder my own headphone amp, but for right now I don't have the time.

So with this in mind, I like my hacks cheap, meticulously made, and design-wise as perfect as I can get without being wasteful. Enjoy if you can, duplicate if you like, and if you improve on anything, for the love of god tell me!

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