Thursday, March 17, 2005

video game dorkitude

combine these three things

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to make multitudes of these things

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yeah this was elsewhere on the internet. I had the idea before I saw it, although I assembled it using pixelblocks which i realized were a) expensive b) expensive and c) a real bitch to put together.

this guy currently hangs in my window:

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Once I saw that someone else had tried this with these beads, I smacked myself on the forehead for not remembering those lazy days at summer camp when I made octagonal keychains of jumbled colors that I was too lazy to sort.
Making these things made me realize why this is the penultimate camp activity; it keeps the campers quiet and focused for hours sifting through piles of beads to find that elusive shade of purple.

Speaking of colors, nearly 4 kits of beads later with endless hours of sorting and NOT A SINGLE RED ONE. 4 shades of pink, no red. What the hell? I can't make mario without red! I tried! He looks like gay pride mario!

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Anonymous Salmar said...

You're so right about Pixelblocks. Unless you're into pixelated 3-d sculpture, or you're going to reassemble your creations every week, fusion beads are way more cheap and durable.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Salmar said...

Oh, I agree that your mario is absolutely ghastly. Try buying a bigger bead set; they tend to have more/better colors.

9:19 PM  

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